SOLAR POWER - Powered by “The Sun”, Delivered by NISAURJA

World population is expected to double by the middle of the 21st century (Global Energy, 1998). This will consequently result in a 3-5 fold increase in world economic output by the year 2050, and a 10-15 fold increase by the year 2100. Consequently, Primary energy requirements are expected to increase by approximately three folds by the year 2050 and five folds by the year 2100. This is expected to exert tremendous pressure on primary energy supplier. Energy has an established positive correlation with economic growth. Providing adequate, affordable and clean energy is a prerequisite for eradicating poverty and improving productivity. The inevitable increase in the use of fossil fuels alongside a country’s economic growth presents associated side effects of threat to the nation’s energy security, as well as environmental degradation through climate change. A feasible alternative to the indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels lies in the accelerated use of renewable energy. In tropical countries, which have sunshine almost throughout the year in most parts, solar energy is one of the most viable options.

No matter whether your business is small or large, solar power project development has no barrier because Solar Power Plant is scalable by nature. We, NISAURJA POWER, value and protect our client’s interest in Solar Industry and provide complete turnkey consultancy services for entire solar power plant from concept to commissioning.

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