Solar Street Lighting

The cost of electricity is getting higher and higher whereas NISAURJA solar light requires no electricity. In our world today, we are increasingly concerned with cleaner, greener, more ecologically friendly homes and businesses. By using solar street lights, we are taking a bigger step toward a cleaner and greener world towards sustainability. Our Solar Street Lights are suitable for - Security and safety lighting, rural area lighting, street lighting, park lighting, walkway lighting, parking lot lighting, parkway lighting, outdoor area lighting and for various application where conventional electricity is far beyond to reach its destination. NISAURJA is committed towards costumer's success by providing world class quality, innovative products and services. We will continue to develop and provide the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective clean renewable solar power solutions to well being and throughout the world. Solar Street Lighting Benefits:
• No trenching, no metering, no wiring
• Can be installed in the most remote locations
• Free energy once installed – no electric bills.
• Not connected to grid power – will work even when electric power is out
• Will turn on even after cloudy days
• IP 65 Luminaries ensures long lasting and consistent high performance
• Light on/off controlled by automatic daylight sensing
• no risk of electric shock
• Worry-free maintenance
• Guaranteed performance & dependability
• Earth-friendly, sustainable energy solution

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