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HOT WATER - Powered by “The Sun”, Delivered by NISAURJA

NISAURJA brings you widest range of solar water heater (SWH) for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Our expertise in the field of solar energy has brought us to cater reliable, quality and customized services to achieve cost efficiency.

A solar water heater is one of the most effective ways of cutting a domestic, commercial and industrial carbon footprint by reducing reliance on dirty fossil fuel usage. By offsetting the use of electricity, gas or heating oil, using NISAURJA SWH can provide financial savings by reducing energy costs.

We offer, Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) Solar Water Heater for high efficiency performance of evacuated tube with rapid heat transfer capacity of heat pipe to provide a collector that can operate with its maximum efficiently in almost any climate providing hot water 24 x 7. The following factors may make smart decision for user to use ETC based Solar Water Heater.



Evacuated Tube

Flat Plate Collector


Cost of Collector



Comparing the purchase price of the collector alone is not useful. The final installed cost and expected annual output for specific application should be considered to make right choice.

Installation Cost



FPC installation cost can be higher to perform the uplifting of the collectors size and weight.

Component Weight



ETC are lightweight and easier to carried yup for installation whereas FPC are heavily size component to carry.

High Temp Application



ETC are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial high temp application (<120oC) with high solar conversion efficiency even at higher temperature.

FPC are mostly suitable for domestic hot water application (<60oC) as heat loss at higher temperature results in poor solar conversion efficiency.

Low Temp Application



Cold Weather



ETC performs well in cold conditions due to vacuum insulation whereas FPC performs poorly in cold conditions.




If ETC tube is damaged by external hail or branch falling on the roof, individual tube can be replace. If a FPC is damaged then whole panel must be replace which is costly affair.

Limescale Susceptibility



Because of the small diameter of the riser copper pipe in the FPC, limescale may block the pipes more easily than the ETC which has a large diameter header pipe.






Outer Tank

High Grade Engineering Plastic

Durable, Dent Proof and Non-Corrosive

Inner Tank

Stainless Steel Grade, 0.5mm

Corrosion resistant and Durable

Protection to Inner Body

Special Chemical

Protects from Chlorides in Water, Non-Corrosive

Inner Body Welding Type

Seamless Welding Technology

Strong and Corrosion Resistant uniform Welding

Insulation Type

Injected PUF with Automatic Machinery

Superior Quality Heat Retention

ETC Tube Length, Dia

1800mm, 47mm/58mm

Provides Better Performance

Type of Grommets

Silicon Rubber

Reliable and High Performance during Heat

Electrical Back-Up

2kW or 3kW

Optional as per requirement

Type of Inlet Feeding

Gravity Feeding Tank for non-pressure

Performs low mixing of Hot & Cold water and provides long life to Inner Tank

Warranty on Tank

Standard 5 Years

Can be Extended for additional 5 Years with minimal cost

After Sales Services


Efficient, Speedy, and Superior to enhance your experience with quality we offer



A nuclear family can save approx 800 electricity unit annually which is approx 40-50% of saving on your electricity bills, by installing Solar Water Heater.

The high grade engineering plastic material makes the outer body weather proof, durable and corrosion resistant.

Hi-density injected PUF insulation ensures best result in every season. PUF with insulation properties is twice as effective as any other insulation material, helping in maximum heat retention.  

High Grade evacuated tube of 1800mm length ensures optimum energy absorption and providing higher efficiency.

We ensure efficient, speedy and quality after sales service to enhance your experience to get better value to your investment.

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