Solar Water Pump

EVERGREEN WATER - Powered by “The Sun”, Delivered by NISAURJA

Solar Water Pumping system is an efficient, low maintenance and economical option for livestock, agriculture and residential purpose. NISAURJA provides water pumping system that offers a cost effective alternative solution to conventional water pumping systems. We provide stand-alone system operating on power generated by Solar Photovoltaic Panels. Whether you are in a remote location where the cost of running traditional water piping is excessive or you have limited access to grid power supply, our Water Pumping Solution is the key to your brighter benefits and future. Our Product range comes in various configurations (AC/DC) with submersible & above the surface options.


Features –

1. Maximum power generation efficiency of Solar Photovoltaic Panel with the help of MPPT control Technology.

2. Automatic Hibernation and wake up control.

3. Hibernate at sunset and wake up at sunrise or strong sunlight.

4. Adjustment in the flow of water quickly on the basis of sunlight intensity.

5. Zero running cost and minimal maintenance cost.

6. More reliable and more cost effective than either windmills or diesel motors, and equipment has been designed to withstand the toughest conditions while maintaining operation




Application –

1. Agriculture Irrigation

2. Drinking Water Supply

3. Resort, Hotels & Hospital

4. Swimming Pool

5. Fountains

6. Water transfer

7. Rural Water distribution

8. Industrial Application

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